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Another Snowflake of the Universe

A lady staring at the watcher wistfully, almost as if she is daring the observer to discover what she feels
A Painting inspired by the work of brilliant artist Malcolm T. Liepke

Tender is the love I feel today

Plans lay crumpled on a page

A New Year, a bookmarked stage

I've got less and less to say

I'm avoiding everyone like the plague

I'm tired of feeling so sickly

Effort, a costly accessory, like money

What's another metaphor? Another simile?

The quarter of my life

An unimpressive slight

I'm hoarding so many things

A rhythm of loss sets in

But I don't know what I've lost

Randomness has a pattern

A snowflake of the universe, you best believe

Obedience is not a measure of goodness, only ease

I wonder if their heart aches

Ones who follow all the rules

And end up with broken hearts still

Discovering a cancer, no smoking, no weed

No alcohol or substances

But the cancer still found a feast

Is this the pain they were talking of

Are there ways to make this stop

Newer words, older rhyme

A rhythm to let this feeling shine

Words falling into place

The waste of a page

A beauty has come of it

Rose coloured glasses off

Slipped the convenience of eating meat

I ease into another year

I promise myself some softness this once

Here slips another trip around the sun

And I let it

For the first time, I let it slip

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