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I'm in a garden

Growing free

Nobody to stare

Or pick prickly me

I'm the pointy cactus

Drops of dew and sunshine

Is all I ever need

I wish I was a tree though

Huge and leafy green

I wish I could shade people

I wish I was more seen

I wish I could hold nests

So birds could come and sleep

I wish I could nurture

I wish I could keep

But I'm the prickly cactus

No one tries to feed

I ruin the balance

Prick paper-cuts clean

No one wants to know me

Only warily they stare

Because I'm the prickly cactus

Pointed and obscene

The useless pointy plant

All angry and mean

But sometimes I grow flowers

A crown on my head

They come in bright colours

Pinky purples and reds

Sometimes I bloom yellow

Sometimes light and dark green

But I'm not the the delicate beauty

Daises and Roses seem

I'm scary and different

From near and afar

I bloom in my standing

I'm a lonely star

I do sometimes wonder

If I serve purpose

If the universe thinks I do and deserve it

But then the sun shines

And it's a new day

I'm a pointy cactus

Who is here to stay

Who is soft on the surface

With pin swords to slay

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