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Rusty Skating


Sweet pea poems are only soft reminders

Of all the loves we loved and lived through

Seeing faces of lovers in crowds and cafés

The memories of our rusty hearts

Kisses that taste of fresh fruit

Soft touches that melt under heat

Are figments that place and paste scars


The speed limit is forty

And we're skating barefoot

One more minty cigarette stick

Watching neon embers die to glow

We're starving again

Begging for concerts and car rides

Dissing proposals left centre and right


I went on a date once

I don't remember what I did

I don't remember what love looks like

Only the horror of heartache


Poems of love spill from me

Clumsy tip-overs of morning coffee

Sometimes I hope for someone to long for me, but

Every house feels like home for a couple of weeks


Sometimes I wish for someone to hold me

A favourite book

A story that destroyed and remade them

To see the worst of me and love me anyway

Because Darlings?

I've said it now, what they said to me

'Tell me every bad thing you ever did

Because I will love you through it anyway.'


I'm still skating on a highway

But I'm smiling now like it's good for me

Even if my calves'll be the death of me

My skates aren't rusty and I am free

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